Data with New Perspective

Useful data capture is our specialty. We utilize cutting edge technology to collect terrain and topographical data, images and video. Our sensors, techniques and process provide data details and information not available until now.

We have complete flexibility with our data collection to meet your needs using our omni-direction approach and controllable view system. Multi-pass capabilities; whisper quiet technology to ensure low audible impact data collection. We are capable of working with any sized area during data collection, any terrain or topology possible. We have equipment and techniques to get into tight spaces, 5 square feet, to inspect and collect data. We are also capable of monitoring large distances up to 100 square miles.


FAA Certified Pilot Thousands of hours flying within the National Airspace (NAS)
FAA Certified Instrument Pilot Thousands of hours FAR Part 121, 141, 61, 91
FAA Certified Commercial Pilot 30 years combined design and build experience
FAA Certified Multi-Engine Pilot 45 years combined experience flying our platform aircraft or similar design
FAA Certified Instructor Pilot 50 years combined experience in the Information Technology field