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Our Education Mission:
To provide meaningful education that can be applied in the real world. To educate how to research, develop and dig in to solve real world problems that transfer to a real world job market and provide a platform for today's students to compete in a global market.


FALCON RC's School Program:

School Program Brochure

Inspiring students can be a challenge. FALCON RC has come up with a program to help usher in the mind stimulating technology of remote control and autonomous aircraft. Students learn aerodynamic principals, design, how to build and how to fly a real working aircraft.

These lessons have been written by teachers for teachers and follow the National Science Standards. Our lesson plans provide material for 2-5 weeks.

How This Works:

Sit down with one of our professionals and decide which package is best for you.

Example of what you will receive for 3 classes with 30 kids in each class:

  • 2 High end transmitters
  • 8 Batteries
  • 2 Flight simulators
  • 15 EPP flying wings
  • 2 Flight pods which will power and control your aircraft
  • 1 Launcher
  • 1 Book of lesson plans

Each lesson plan is written to introduce, teach and inspire kids about aviation. These lessons are written to the National Science Standards and were written by teachers for teachers. Follow the lesson plans and walk the students through the principals of aerodynamics, Newton's Laws of Motion and much more. At the end of the program the students will be able to fly their own designed aircraft. Teams of 2-4 students will be formed within the class, each team will get their own aircraft where they will be able to design the prop, wing length and size and shape of the winglets. It will become obvious how each of these affect the flight characteristics of the aircraft. At the end of the unit the students will participate in the final project of flying their aircraft against each other in a competition testing the speed and agility of their aircraft.

The teams will have a pilot, engineer/tech, safety officer/business manager. Each role of the students within the team are very important. These different roles help the students learn what it takes to keep a team on a timeline, make sure everyone is safe and deal with engineering issues. These are real world issues being worked out and learned within FALCON RC's Aviation Unit.